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Banking and Agency

The Banking and Agency team provides world-class experience and competence in the following areas.

Loan Syndications

Loan Syndications is responsible for the underwriting, marketing and distribution of large, complex loans to regional and international banks and financial institutions. NIBanc has been the Lead in arranging more than fifty syndicated transactions ranging from USD 15 million to USD 100 million per transaction with a total value exceeding USD 1.5 billion. Services include:

  • Defining financing strategies
  • Advising on structuring optimal debt facilities
  • Preparing financial models and projections
  • Preparation of Information Memorandums
  • Arranging and leading the syndication process
  • Negotiating on the client’s behalf with the syndicate lenders
  • Reviewing the legal and documentary process
  • Working as the borrower’s partner to bring the transaction to a successful close

Agency and Monitoring Services

NIBanc has proudly fulfilled the Agent role for more than 20 years. Using state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated service team, NIBanc currently represents more than 35 financial institutions as the:

  • Administrative agent
  • Syndication agent
  • Documentation agent

On behalf of the syndicate lenders, NIBanc, in its role as Agent, executes and records borrowers’ funding and repayment activities, monitors financial performance and covenant compliance, continuously evaluates the quality of collateral, and reviews the sector and market environments in which the borrowers operate. NIBanc acts as the ‘single point of contact’ between the borrower and the syndicate lenders to facilitate requests, negotiations, facility increases, and refinancing.

NIBanc would be pleased to discuss how its experience and expertise can be of assistance to you.